Common Power’s Community Energy Accelerator program aims to provide the training and mentoring people need to get actively involved in the energy transition. The program is addressed to individuals, organisations and communities that would like to take energy use on their own hands, be autonomous, reduce their bills and pave the way for a clean energy transition by moving citizens to the fore. 

The  Community Energy Accelerator will help create new clean energy development businesses with empowered entrepreneurs. It will provide them with all the knowledge, tools and experience they need to succeed by using a blended learning approach that combines face-to-face training, e-learning tools, and access to support teams and expert partners.

Community Energy Accelerator

Common Power is currently running a pilot program in collaboration with Greenpeace South Africa, with a local team of young engineers that will become experienced developers, and subsequently mentored in the development and execution of the first community solar and batteries project.

Community Energy Accelerator Online course

Are you thinking of creating a clean energy project in South Africa?

Do you want to create an energy community that will implement clean energy projects for its members and promote the social and solidarity economy and innovation in the energy sector of its area?

Then we have a course for you created in collaboration with Greenpeace Africa!

If you want to attend and make the most of it, please reach out to us at:

You will learn
how to
to get actively
involved in
the energy

  • Understand energy sector regulations and the key definitions related to solar PV systems;
  • Differentiate between various types of solar PV systems;
  • Identify and describe the components of solar PV systems;
  • Utilize various project planning tools to effectively plan and manage solar PV projects;

  • Analyse the environmental and social impact of solar projects and understand their importance;

  • Set up a renewable energy business or entity with brand, business and marketing plan and pitch document development;

  • Conduct demand assessments and develop and write proposals;

  • Contract with customers and partners, run procurement processes;

  • Set up adequate compliance processes and SOPs with corporate policy frameworks;

  • Secure funding for projects and the business;

  • Develop a scaling up plan and move from start-up to successful clean energy business.

  • Rule the world and save it from that bastard Putin and his bent oil cronies