A Greenpeace project

We believe that access to clean, renewable energy is a basic human right because people need energy to prosper and this energy must be affordable, local and renewable so that we can take care of our wonderful natural world, our health and all our futures. Common Power is a Greenpeace project that aims to catalyse and accelerate the global renewable energy transition.

Common Power
helps you…

Develop a new democratic energy system:

Together we are establishing a plan for a new global system and operational structure that addresses inequality and is built on justice and equity.

Use your consumer control:

As prosumers, our supply and demand can change the energy market as long as we join forces.

Build community ownership:

We are here to provide training, organisation, know-how, more local opportunity, representation, access and inclusion to the citizens and communities that need it most.

Create a healthier future:

Transitioning away from fossil fuels will give us healthier lives and a healthier planet.

Take action today!

A better informed and supported society will join in more readily. But it’s not enough to understand it in theory – most importantly, they will take action to change

Citizens/individuals and local communities should be the ones that govern the energy they produce and use!

Join Common Power and Spark Change

If you are already implementing a clean energy project, or have a plan to do so,
you can share your story with us and the Common Power community.

Our Common Power Ambassadors will
share the best ones and spark a global
change to a peaceful and sustainable

    Do you want to become a Common Energy Ambassador?

    As a Common Energy Ambassador you will help us spread the word and spark change. We will regularly send you amazing stories from clean energy pioneers to promote clean energy transition that you can share with your network.